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Do you remember the excitement you felt when your friend first came home?

How innocent did he look with his tiny eyes? Come on now, patiently waiting for you to come home from work and think of his tail wagging sweetly when he sees you..

You are aware of the love your four-legged friend has for you, right?

How much it means to you and beyond that   We know the feelings.

- You are too precious to him!

That's why we didn't forget about you while adding comfort and style to his life in the collection we prepared for the most innocent member of the family with four-legged furry. You can integrate the color of leather collars with your own style, and you can choose a piece for yourself from the accessory collection.

Hug The Dog is a lifestyle brand that will add value to your unique moments.

It is our only desire that you like our products, which we approach every detail meticulously and combine quality with pleasure. We work with love from design to production and until they meet you, creating products that you will not only need but love.

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We continue to touch the lives of our furry friends with our products, in which we meticulously approach every detail and combine quality with pleasure.



We aim to continue high-quality and useful production and to meet consumer expectations at the highest level by expanding our product range, which we have created based on needs.

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