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Calloused Paws in Dogs

Callus; is a thickened skin layer of the paw that occurs as a result of excessive friction, contact with hard surfaces or healing wounds. This condition is usually associated with the dog frequently walking on hard surfaces or having an active lifestyle.

Paw calluses can cause the dog discomfort and even wounds.

Some ways to prevent paw calluses include:

  • Regular Grooming: Check and clean your dog's paws regularly. You can use non-alcohol-based wet wipes or gently wash their paws after walks. In this way, the paws will be free of soil or dirt.

  • Soft Surfaces: To prevent your dog from walking mostly on hard surfaces, have him walk on soft surfaces if possible. You can choose softer surfaces such as grassy areas or dog parks for your daily walks.

  • Protective Shoes: You can protect dogs' paws from hard surfaces by using special paw protective shoes. This can be effective for protecting their paws when they spend long periods outside. If there are no suitable areas for your dogs, such as parks, in the area where you live, paw shoes will be the right choice.

  • Regular Veterinary Checks: Have your dog's paw health checked regularly under the supervision of a veterinarian. Your veterinarian can give you advice on paw health.

The above precautions may help reduce your dog's paw calluses. However, in severe cases or if there are persistent problems, it is important to consult a veterinarian. The veterinarian can make treatment or recommendations appropriate to the specific situation and your dog's health condition.

Remember, every dog's paw structure is different, so taking precautions appropriate to your dog's needs and lifestyle is as important for you as the comfort of your furry friend.


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