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Paw Care Stick / 5 ml
  • Paw Care Stick / 5 ml

    SKU: Stick-6ml

    Approved by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of the Republic of Turkey  Healing and protective balm "Paw Care Meet '!


    Created with pure ingredients to help your furry friends live their best life.


    In cold and hot weather, the most affected area of your furry friend is the paws.Paw Care It protects the paws by forming a barrier against challenging surfaces.


    Paw Carewill beautify and protect your pup's paws; It is a combination of essential vitamins, minerals, moisturizing wax and powerful plant oils.


    It is a 100% natural mixture prepared with organic ingredients!


    • It has an easily movable structure.
    • Ideal for dry, cracked paws.
    • Healing balm repairs peeling, cracked paws.
    • Treats the paw surface.
    • Relieves paw allergy symptoms.
    • It helps to fade scars and heal wounds.
    • It protects and soothes against irritation caused by bad weather.
    • It can be licked with its herbal and pure content.




    Organic Sweet Almond Oil,

    Organic Coconut Oil,

    Organic Sunflower Oil,

    Organic Beeswax,

    Organic Shea Butter,

    Organic Olive Oil,

    Organic Cocoa Butter,

    Natural Vitamin E,

    Organic Lavender Essential Oil,

    Organic Daily Tree Essential Oil,

    Organic Geranium Leaf Essential Oil



    Rotate the opening mechanism from the bottom of the package, apply enough cream to the paws and distribute it by massaging. For the best results, it is recommended to use regularly. 5 ml (to have it with you at all times.)

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